Spadina-Fort York

Nuit Blanche 2023 in Spadina-Fort York

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Experience Spadina-Fort York transformed by artists at Nuit Blanche – a dazzling all-night celebration of contemporary art. Explore our downtown neighbourhoods and enjoy ground-breaking projects across the city by local, national and international artists.

This year’s theme, Breaking Ground, invites artists to explore ideas centred around the natural world, change and innovation, through curated exhibitions, independent projects and installations by participating cultural institutions.

Check out our curated Google Map to easily find exhibitions across Spadina-Fort York. Then find out more about each exhibition below! 

The Bentway - 250 Fort York Blvd

The Bentway and surrounding area are putting on a series of installations that light up the neighbourhoods along the Gardiner Expressway.

“Multispecies Lounge” & “Shared Space”

Artists: Double Happiness, Studio Rat
Medium: Installation
Location: The Bentway Studio 

At The Bentway Studio, an immersive, inflatable architecture showcases new approaches to circular design while a new set of public furniture invites interspecies encounters with urban wildlife.

“Staging Grounds” & “Fountain Monumental”

Artists: Agency-Agency, SHEEEP, Logan MacDonald
Medium: Installation

The Bentway “Staging Grounds” is a dynamic temporary public space, offering the city a site for active learning about local water and a new urban stage, premiering in September 2023.

A New Nature @ Bathurst Quay

Artist: Mark Dorf
Medium: Projection
Location: 539 Queens Quay W

The iconic Canada Malting Silos are transformed into a civic screen presenting new work that reflects on the changing nature of the building and the city at large.

“Beyond Concrete,” featuring “Groundcover”, “Lichen”, “Balete Bulate Bituka” and “Aliens of Manila”, “Bentempus Gardinus: A Long-Exposure Ecological Portrait”, “Atmospheres”

Artists: Genesis Báez, Lisa Jackson, Leeroy New, Alex Sheriff, Public Visualization Lab/Studio
Medium: Installation

It’s the final chance to catch Beyond Concrete, The Bentway’s exhibition of public artwork exploring the urban natural world framed by the Gardiner's iconic concrete columns.

Union Station - 65 Front St W

Dhis Bulshada (Build our Community)

Artists: Somali Centre for Culture and Recreation , Yasin Osman, Samira Warsame, Asmaa Bana, Ayan Bashir, Huda Hussein, Wasima Farah , Aziz Farah
Medium: Exhibition

Forty years of advocacy in one night. Immerse yourself in Somali culture and history through art, photos, artifacts, and music at the Somali exhibit.

To Be One and Multiple at the Same Time

Artist: Krista Belle Stewart
Medium: Photography Installation

A large-scale photographic installation developed from the artist’s journey by boat from Europe to Canada.

Waterfront - 7 Queens Quay East

Translunar Formations - Waterfront

Artists: PIX FILM Collective, The Artificial Museum
Medium: Augmented Reality

Step through a portal and land on the moon! Visit the world’s first augmented reality exhibition of artwork geomapped to actual locations on the moon.

Future Blocks 

Artist: Haunts Collective
Medium: Interactive Installation

“Future Blocks” is an interactive installation consisting of handmade plastic quilts, melting ice, and notes from you to your future self.


Artist: Christy Kunitzky
Medium: Installation
Location: Waterfront Promenade 

An installation in which tree-like objects are wrapped and bound in hand-woven textiles as a consideration of power imbalances inherent in our systems of care.


Artist: April Hickox
Medium: Video Installation

In such a chaotic city where green space is hard to find, this is a chance to take a breath and appreciate a tranquil moment in nature.

Artscape Youngplace - 180 Shaw Street, Unit 101

12 Hours of Black Literature

Artist: The Spoken Soul Collective
Medium: Performance

Indulge in 12 hours of storytelling with Black Canadian authors and poets that will invigorate the imagination and spark great conversations.

12 Hours of Black Literature

Artists: Spoken Soul Collective, Millennial X
Medium: Exhibition

Artscape Youngplace will be vibrant with 12 hours of Black Literature performances, special access to Koffler gallery, and more!

Art Gallery of Ontario - 317 Dundas St W

Wolfgang Tillmans: Moon in Earthlight

Artist: Wolfgang Tillmans
Medium: Film Installation

Experience Wolfgang Tillmans’s first full-length album, “Moon in Earthlight” (2021).

Stackt Market - 28 Bathurst St 

Your Life Matters

Artist: Tristan Sauer
Medium: Multimedia Installation

A collection of wearable technology pieces, fictitiously framed for sale, that are designed to help protestors safely navigate police interactions

Traces of Us

Artists: IC Contemporary, Rihab Essayh, Par Nair, Matthew Davies, Shahrzad Amin, Sasha Shevchenko, Stoyan Barakov
Medium: Multimedia Installation

A fusion of multimedia and virtual reality installations that bridge guests to the rich and diverse diasporic identities in Toronto. 


Artist: Joy
Medium: Multimedia Installation

Portraits projection mapped onto inflatable spheres compel audiences to confront the ramifications of systemic racism within Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

Tight Spaces

Artist: Roda Medhat
Medium: Sculptural Installation

"Tight Spaces" highlights the negative impact of urbanization, urging sustainable and people-centered city designs, prompting reflection on equitable development and stewardship of resources.

401 Richmond St 


Artist: Micki-Lee Smith
Medium: Interactive Installation

This interactive installation will enable you to be immersed into the beautiful, sublime, and eerie world below — with no escape…

Built For Art 

Artist: Various Artists
Medium: Exhibition

Twelve hours, countless experiences! Nuit Blanche at 401 Richmond Street is a tour de force of creative offerings in a venue Built For Art.

Urban Arboretum 

Artists: magfoto+cymatiste, Marcus Gordon, Sarah Imrisek
Medium: Interactive Installation

Speak life into art with a whole wall for your canvas! Computer-generated plants grow and dance, responding to live audio in this outdoor projection.

Myseum of Toronto at RendezViews - 229 Richmond St W

The 52: Stories of Women Who Transformed Toronto

Artist: Various Artists
Medium: Performance

“The 52” is the result of 25 playwrights, 52 actors, and the stories of some of Toronto’s most impactful women. Join us for a participatory preview of this multi-year historical project.

City Hall / Nathan Phillips Square - 100 Queen St W


Artist: Naomi Rincón Gallardo
Medium: Video Installation
Location: City Hall Loading Dock 

Eclipse is the final chapter of Naomi Rincón Gallardo’s Tzitzimime Trilogy and will screen alongside a new animatronic butterfly prop inspired by the video.


Artist: Eve Tagny
Medium: Performance
Location: Hagerman St Parking Lot 

A deconstructed amphitheatre, activated by performers throughout the night. 

Translunar Formations - Nathan Phillips Square

Artists: PIX FILM Collective, The Artificial Museum
Medium: Augmented Reality

Step through a portal and land on the moon! Visit the world’s first augmented reality exhibition of artwork geomapped to actual locations on the moon.


Artist: Jenine Marsh
Medium: Intervention
Location: Nathan Phillips Square

Experience a large-scale installation and architectural intervention by Jenine Marsh that upends Nathan Phillips Square.

She Work Hard For It

Artists: Lido Pimienta, Maria Qamar (Hatecopy), MissMe
Medium: Installation
Location: Nathan Phillips Square (South Lawn)

Three renowned female artists from diverse cultures, backgrounds and disciplines challenge gender barriers within street art, pop-art and contemporary art, redefining traditional male-dominated genres.

Onsite Gallery - 199 Richmond St W

Onsite Gallery, OCAD - Tarralik Duffy | Up Front: Inuit Public Art @ Onsite Gallery

Artist: Tarralik Duffy
Medium: Digital Media

A presentation with the Inuit Art Foundation, Up Front: Inuit Public Art @ Onsite Gallery is a series of commissioned digital murals by Inuit artists.

Under the Gardiner Expressway - 470 R Lake Shore Blvd W


Artist: Nathan Whitford
Medium: Light Installation

XO uses the movement of light to express itself as both a means of bidding farewell and a welcoming to development and growth in Toronto.

Richmond Adelaide Building - 130 Adelaide St

The 'Living' Room 

Artist: Hannah Busse
Medium: Installation

A post-civilizational installation that suggests the eventual life of our discarded items, reclaimed by nature.

Toronto Dominion Centre - 66 Wellington St W 

Your Wish is Your Command

Artist: Divya Mehra
Medium: Sculptural Installation
Location: Exterior Plaza 

A large-scale semi-functional magic lamp that invites audiences to question whose wishes are granted in Toronto's financial district.

390 Bay St 

A Practical Guide

Artist: Divya Mehra
Medium: Sculptural Installation

A large-scale inflatable structure that speaks to the colonial history of Turtle Island.

*Bonus in Ward 9*

Pride Toronto presents: Hanlan’s: Out of the Closet co presented by Friends of Hanlan’s

Artist: Irene Ly
Location: 158 Sterling Road, Suite 501, Toronto, ON M6R 2B7

Immerse yourself in this installation and exhibition where nature intertwines with the 2SLGBTQI+ narrative, embodying change, resilience, and unity, as we celebrate Hanlan’s past, present and future at this unique one-night-only exhibition.

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