Press Release: Deputy Mayor Ausma Malik's Statement on Ontario Place Redevelopment Plans

At the start of their development application for Ontario Place, the Province agreed to respect the City’s planning review process and public engagement framework. Alongside City staff, I have worked to ensure the process is democratic and transparent. That means allowing the public to consider the proposal – and any changes – with full details and with facilitation of City staff in public forums – not through public relations messaging by one of the Province’s lease holders.

Press Release: City moves forward recommendations for accountability on Metrolinx’s Ontario Line construction

The Subcommittee on Metrolinx’s Ontario Line Construction approved the City’s Recommendations for Metrolinx's Ontario Line Construction. They outline clear direction to Metrolinx and the Provincial Government on how to build and implement the Ontario Line to ensure the best results are achieved for Toronto residents.

Statement by Councillors Malik and Moise on the 501 Queen St. Metrolinx Diversion

Our downtown communities deserve reliable public transit. Recently, it was reported that the TTC’s 501 Queen St streetcar would be replaced by shuttle buses for 20 months due to disruptions created by the planned Ontario Line construction work by Metrolinx. Our offices have been working jointly with City staff to minimize disruptions to service.

TTC Safety Message

Like you, I'm one of 1.7 million people who use TTC every day. Riders and workers can, and should, be safe moving across our City.
From what we're seeing and hearing, it hasn't felt that way lately. Violence prevention is urgently needed. More crisis response workers, 24/7 drop-in spaces, and better transit service are proven investments in our safety, unlike an increase of policing.

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