Ontario Line Construction

Toronto deserves much-needed transit infrastructure. The Ontario Line will be a 15.6-kilometre subway line that will travel from Exhibition Place, through our downtown core, to the Ontario Science Centre. With four stations in Spadina-Fort York — at Exhibition Place, King/Bathurst, Queen/Spadina, and Osgoode at University. Construction began in spring 2023, and it is our priority to ensure that as we build we also protect our public and green spaces, and minimize disruptions.

Ontario Line Construction Subcommittee 

Building transit is critical to our city’s goals to create a more accessible, green Toronto. In past projects, we’ve also seen first-hand the problems that have occurred when the Province and Metrolinx work without the City’s involvement. To address these gaps, I worked with local stakeholders and Council colleagues to create a Subcommittee on Metrolinx’s Ontario Line Construction in early 2023. As chair of the committee I prioritized community voices and residents’ needs alongside a transparent and efficient planning process. 

In July, City Council approved the Committee’s final report with recommendations to Metrolinx outlining Toronto’s priorities for construction, including: 

  • Community benefits 
  • Business supports 
  • Community engagement 
  • Traffic and construction management 
  • Affordable housing and rental replacement 
  • Park and neighbourhood investments 

This report lays the background for the City and communities engagement with Metrolinx moving forward. You can view the full report available here.


Latest Update

As part of our recommendations for accountability, the City submitted its first quarterly update on construction of the Ontario Line was released in January 2024. It consolidates City staff recommendations and public feedback provided throughout the Subcommittee’s duration, and provides a comprehensive analysis of initiatives that the Province and Metrolinx are taking during construction. 

Our work together has ensured the construction of the Ontario Line is responsible, accountable, and includes real community collaboration. We’re working to:

  • Mitigate construction impacts on small businesses & improved traffic management. Our BIAs and Metrolinx are in direct, regular contact, with a new $10,000 grant being offered to our BIAs to support marketing initiatives. 
  • Secure improved signage in construction areas and regular site inspections to keep working areas clean and maintain door access for businesses
  • Ensure direct, consistent community consultations, and now we are seeing monthly Community Liaison Committees (CLCs), with updates from construction teams, Metrolinx, the city, and the community to ensure we are all on the same page on issues affecting our communities
  • Secure community benefits for impacted neighborhoods and equity-deserving workers 

Learn more about the Ontario Line construction:


How We're Taking Action

As construction on the Ontario Line continues, I will continue to push for the best results for our downtown communities. At the Toronto-East York Community Council in January 2024, I successfully moved motions pushing Metrolinx to: 

  • Accelerate the re-opening of the Queen Streetcar
  • Improve supports for our BIAs and live music venues 
  • Ensure adequate affordable housing at stations
  • Provide a public community benefits agreement

Working together, we’ve shown it’s possible to build public transit for all, prioritize community engagement and benefits, and minimize disruptions, by making the choice to work cooperatively with residents, community stakeholders, and local elected representatives.


Station Construction Updates

We'll update this page regularly. For more detailed information, check out Metrolinx's dedicated Ontario Line webpage


Exhibition Station 

Exhibition Station will serve Exhibition Place, as well as neighboring Liberty Village. This terminus point of the line will also connect to the GO Transit rail network, creating an alternative access to the subway system beyond Union Station. The station will also be walking distance from the 511 Bathurst and 509 Harbourfront streetcars for increased accessibility. 

A portal will be constructed on the north side of the existing GO corridor east of Exhibition Station for the beginning of the Ontario Line tunnels where they will run north from the existing rail corridor. Tail tracks, west of Exhibition, will provide space for the storage of Ontario Line vehicles and protect for a future extension of the line.

Work Currently Taking Place

  • Excavation & Piling - Excavation work to prepare grading and new utilities chamber under the railway, including drainage. 

  • Portal Works & Piling - Work at the portal will start with utilities investigation and work on the soil, such as grading and compaction, for the future tunnel exit on the Ontario Line subway. 

  • Station Site Entry Preparation (North) - Early foundational preparedness work for the north entrance.

Work Expected Later This Year

  • Station Site Entry Preparation (South) - Work on the lands for the south entrance. 

  • Portal Piling Works - Piling work for the portal ensures structural support for the walls and tunnels are in place in advance of the starting of the tunnel boring.

  • Demolition of Retaining Wall - A new wall will be built between the street and the tracks, which includes demolishing the existing retaining wall.

King/Bathurst Station 

The station at King and Bathurst will create connections between the Ontario Line and the 504 King and the 511 Bathurst streetcar routes.

Two entrances will be built, one on either side of King Street, east of Bathurst. At the north entrance, the buildings will be demolished and the heritage features stored off-site until completion. At the south entrance part of the heritage façade will remain in place for the duration of the station. Two additional buildings required for the station will be demolished. 

Work Currently Taking Place

  • Piling - Piling work around the perimeter of the future station ensures structural support before heavy digging begins.

  • Hoarding and Signage - Structures to define the long-term construction zone during tunnel and station works will be installed to assist with site safety, noise mitigation, and site protection.

Work Expected later this Year

  • Excavation - Soil will be excavated to create shafts from the street level to the station level 40m underground.
  • Station Site Entry Preparation - Excavation of the station cavern to connect the station shaft and the tunnels.

Queen/Spadina Station 

The station at Queen and Spadina will connect with the 501 Queen and 510 Spadina streetcar routes. Current plans envision maintaining streetcar service in these areas throughout the duration of the project, though there might be times when service is re-routed or reduced to accommodate construction work.

Work Currently Taking Place

  • Piling - Piling to ensure structural supports for the future station shafts. 

  • Hoarding and Signage - Hoarding to assist with site safety and noise mitigation will be installed

Work Expected in 2024

  • Excavation - Initiating the excavation of the shafts to the station level.

Osgoode Station

Osgoode Station, at Queen Street, will have a direct, in-station link to Line 1, giving users a connection to and from the existing subway network. New station entrances will be at the northeast and southwest corners of the University Avenue and Queen Street intersection.

Work Currently Taking Place

  • Heritage Façade Protection + Retention Works - Initiate preservation and retention works at future south station site

  • Site Preparation - Laydown site (west of Osgoode Hall) Prepare laydown area, including fencing installation, tree removal and cobblestones protection and ground preparation 

  • Osgoode Heritage Fence & South African War Memorial - Heritage preservation and removal works 

  • Tree Removals, Protection + Pruning - Removal as well as protection and pruning of identified trees 

  • TTC Entrance Closure North site permanent closure of University & Queen West entrance

Work Expected Later This Year

  • Piling (south + north sites) - Install foundations to support future excavation of site 

  • Ground Monitoring Investigations - Various ground monitoring devices will be installed at multiple sites throughout the Osgoode neighourhood.

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