Ontario Line Construction

Construction has now begun on the Ontario Line, Metrolinx and the Ontario Government’s 15.6-kilometre subway line that will be traveling from Exhibition Place, through our downtown core, ending at the Ontario Science Centre. In Spadina-Fort York there will be stations at Exhibition, King/Bathurst, Queen/Spadina and Osgoode, as well as the Corktown Station, which is adjacent to our ward. 

Ontario Line Construction Subcommittee 

During the first half of 2023 I Chaired the Subcommittee on Metrolinx’s Ontario Line Construction with members Councillor Fletcher and Councillor Moise. This committee was created to make sure community voices were heard and that the needs of residents are met while work to build this much needed transit infrastructure begins. 

In July City Council approved the Committee’s final report containing the City’s Recommendations for Metrolinx's Ontario Line Construction. The report includes clear recommendations on important priorities:

  • community benefits
  • business supports
  • community engagement
  • traffic and construction management
  • affordable housing and rental replacement
  • park and neighbourhood investments

This report will lay the background for the City and communities engagement with Metrolinx moving forward. You can view the full report available here.

Station Construction Updates

We'll update this page regularly. For more detailed information, check out Metrolinx's dedicated Ontario Line webpage

Exhibition Station 

Exhibition Station will serve Exhibition Place, as well as neighboring Liberty Village. This terminus point of the line will also connect to the GO Transit rail network, creating an alternative access to the subway system beyond Union Station. The station will also be walking distance from the 511 Bathurst and 509 Harbourfront streetcars for increased accessibility. 

A portal will be constructed on the north side of the existing GO corridor east of Exhibition Station for the beginning of the Ontario Line tunnels where they will run north from the existing rail corridor. Tail tracks, west of Exhibition, will provide space for the storage of Ontario Line vehicles and protect for a future extension of the line.

Metrolinx will be sharing their path forward for this station in fall 2023.

King/Bathurst Station 

The station at King and Bathurst will create connections between the Ontario Line and the 504 King and the 511 Bathurst streetcar routes.

Two entrances will be built, one on either side of King Street, east of Bathurst. At the north entrance, the buildings will be demolished and the heritage features stored off-site until completion. At the south entrance part of the heritage façade will remain in place for the duration of the station. Two additional buildings required for the station will be demolished. 

Advanced Work Currently Taking Place

  • Fencing and hoarding are currently being installed
  • Surveying and monitoring are taking place
  • Toronto Hydro is working to ensure construction can move forward. 

Work Expected Fall 2023

  • Preparation for demolition inside of buildings
  • Façade removal and retention
  • Demolition of buildings will take place
  • Site setup and mobilization, secant piling, and subsurface tie backs will take place to prepare for excavation. 

Queen/Spadina Station 

The station at Queen and Spadina will connect with the 501 Queen and 510 Spadina streetcar routes. Current plans envision maintaining streetcar service in these areas throughout the duration of the project, though there might be times when service is re-routed or reduced to accommodate construction work.

Advanced Work Currently Taking Place

  • Interior demolition and abatement works at the North and South buildings is taking place.
  • Preparatory works for demolition have been completed or are in progress, such as interior basement backfills, structural bracing, pre-condition surveying and utility works.
  • Geotechnical investigationsatSpadinaAve.and Graffiti Alley will be completed in early August.
  • Installation of instrumentation and monitoring devices to control ground movements during the excavation of the station.
  • Permits for street occupancy to stall protections for the public and adjacent structures during demolitions.
  • Occasional closure of Bulwer Street on weekends; Bulwer Street to be made two way with access from Soho Street.

Work Expected late Summer/Fall 2023

  • The east sidewalk will switch at Spadina Avenue in mid-August. Pedestrian path will be relocated to the parking lane, which will be closed until the station is completed.
  • 18m of the South sidewalk at Bulwer Street will be closed in August for three months to allow for demolition works.
  • Buildings will be fully fenced to prevent access to the demolition work area.
  • Scaffolding installation on the West façade of the building at 165 Spadina Avenue expected in mid-August.
  • Heritage façade retention towers works are expected to start by the end of August.
  • Demolition works expected to start no earlier than the end of August and to be extended until January 2024.

Osgoode Station

Osgoode Station, at Queen Street, will have a direct, in-station link to Line 1, giving users a connection to and from the existing subway network. New station entrances will be at the northeast and southwest corners of the University Avenue and Queen Street intersection.

Advanced Work Currently Taking Place

  • Utility relocations, sewer and watermain relocations and telecom relocations delivered by Metrolinx contractor, in preparation for station construction.
  • Temporary fencing and concrete barriers installed for safety and flexibility.
  • Wayfinding and various banner signage installed on fencing.
  • New TTC streetcar track on Adelaide and York Street for Queen 501 streetcar detour (begins mid summer 2023).

Work Expected Fall 2023

  • Work delivered by Southern Civil, Stations, and Tunnel contractor Ontario Transit Group (OTG).
  • Construction hoarding will be installed around perimeter of work zone for safety and will include decorative elements.
  • Heritage activities will precede demolition.
  • Shoring and piling will be put in place around future station before excavation can begin.

Corktown Station 

The Corktown Station will serve the Distillery District, with access to the 504 King Streetcar, 65 Parliament bus and 172 Cherry Street bus.

Metrolinx will be sharing their path forward for this station in fall 2023. 

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