TTC Safety Message

Like you, I'm one of 1.7 million people who use TTC every day. Riders and workers can, and should, be safe moving across our City.
From what we're seeing and hearing, it hasn't felt that way lately. Violence prevention is urgently needed. More crisis response workers, 24/7 drop-in spaces, and better transit service are proven investments in our safety, unlike an increase of policing.

I believe that safety in our communities comes from investing in people and stronger public services. We will continue to advocate for safe, affordable, and supportive housing as well as expanding effective programs such as the Community Crisis Response Service, which act as an alternative response to police for those in mental health crisis in the community. The 2021 Auditor General’s report…. This service can be accessed in the downtown west end by phoning 211 or 911 and requesting this program. For those affected in the aftermath of violent crime, the City's Community Crisis Response Program is automatically activated and provides resources to local communities.

To meet our climate goals, as well as reducing congestion in our downtown, it's critical that transit remains a safe, affordable, and feasible option for all.

During the Mayor’s budget debate, unfortunately there were cuts to TTC funding, alongside and increase in fares, and reductions to service levels across the City. We know that lack of service can increase crowds and tension. More service equals more safety. This is a fight we must continue as new leadership emerges at the City.

Thank you for reaching out, and sharing your concern. Together we will continue to push for a fairer, safer City.


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